Nina C. Miller

Nina C. Miller, M.A., M.F.C.T., – Marriage and Family Therapist

Welcome to my Nina C. Miller, M.A. Website.  It’s new for me to share thirty years of being a psychotherapist over the internet but it’s also exciting to have an opportunity to write about and communicate some of the ideas and theories I’ve worked with for a long time. This is a work in progress and I hope you’ll visit often, open some dialogues, ask questions and whether you live locally, in the Inland Empire of Southern California, or you want a consultation by phone, Skpye or email, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Having been in practice for over 30 years, I have experienced many types of client challenges. I very much enjoy assisting clients in managing their anger, recovering from childhood trauma and working out the difficulties in couple and family relationships. I have a strong expertise in working with victims of sexual abuse. I have specialized training through faculty of the Meyer Friedman Institute focusing on the physical and emotional destructiveness of Type A symptoms and behavior and very much enjoy sharing this knowledge and treatment. It is life saving. I also focus on the work of Dr. John Gottman.

I have spent many years working with couples and have developed a number of  techniques I believe to be effective in solving relationship difficulties, whether between couples or among generations in families. Again, anger management, reducing destructive habits such as defensiveness and working towards a kinder and gentler way are key.

I believe that the work in Type A behavior treatment, management and education is unique to my practice. There are only a few clinicians in Southern CA that had the opportunity for this information and I have found it life changing!