Nina C. Miller

Therapy Appointments

Making an appointment for counseling is easy. You can call me at (909)229-9000 or even send a text if you like. Also, you may email me at My office hours are flexible and do include evening and Saturday appointments. I think it is preferable to actually speak on the phone, especially before the first session. That gives you a sense of confidence that you have at least “heard a voice” and have some sense of the personality you will be talking to. My intake form is on line and you can print it out and have it completed prior to our first session. That saves time during the initial interview. This form needs to be completed by each individual coming to the session. For children, I will just need their basic information such as name, birthday and social security number.

My fee for psychotherapy is $110 per session. That is payable at the time and can possibly be reimbursed by medical insurance. I charge by the hour, not by the person, so this fee is the same whether you come by yourself or with a family member, partner or friend. I can take cash or check, but I do not accept credit cards.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy so if you cancel or need to move your appointment at the last minute, you may be charged for that session whether or not you actually attend. I really try to be accommodating about this but I am also hoping the client will be respectful of my time.

There are two possible office location. My formal office is located on the border of Riverside and Corona off of Pierce St.

11801 Piece St. $200
Riverside, CA 92505

If you come to this address, the entire floor of the office building are individually leased offices. You can check in at the central reception area and they will notify me of your arrival. Please feel free to take advantage of the coffee, tea and hot chocolate that are made available.

I also do see clients at my home office.

2990 Sierra Ave.
Norco, CA 92860

This location is far more informal. There are animals and a “lived in” environment. If this informality is not an issue and this location is closer to you, Please feel free to ask for an appointment at the Norco office.